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Best Retirement Activities for your retirement planning

Retirement is the time in life when it's okay to ENJOY yourself. Your formal education has been completed, your family has been raised and your career has come to an end. No one is going to tell you what to do any more. You can just ENJOY. You can make quilts or build bookcases or spoil grandchildren or play the guitar or sleep all day. The choice is yours.

Do you know there are over 1200 leisure activities that have the potential to create joy in your life? So much to do! And, fortunately, you’re probably going to have 20 or 30 or more years to enjoy discovering some of them.

But, where are you in the retirement process? Perhaps you have just begun allowing yourself the luxury of dreaming about alternative ways of spending time in your retirement years. If you need help identifying engaging activities that will give you a sense of purpose, you’ve come to the right place. The Leisure Time Tool® will help you discover enjoyable activities that are designed to fit your needs.

Or, perhaps you’re having second thoughts about the timing of this major life change called retirement. Are you experiencing a little concern about losing the career identity that has become second nature to you? Are you confused about the direction your life should take in retirement? The Leisure Time Tool® will help you pare down your list of possibilities and prioritize the activities that will meet your needs. You can stop worrying now - the Leisure Time Tool® will show you the way to an exciting retirement.

Then again, maybe you have just completed the “honeymoon” phase of retirement. Are you trying to put your expectations, your strengths, your needs and your limitations into perspective? Some of the activities you thought were perfect for you might really be a better fit for someone else. If you’d like to make some adjustments to your mix of activities to better meet your needs, why not let the Leisure Time Tool® help you search for new activities that will enable you to reinvent yourself and live a more fulfilling retirement?

That’s right, regardless of where you are in the retirement process, the Leisure Time Tool® will help solve your problems. Think of it as a matchmaking service that will find the leisure activities tailor made for you because they meet your unique needs in retirement. Want adventure? Want to play? Want a mental challenge? Just tell the Leisure Time Tool® "how much" you desire of each, and it will give you a personalized list of the leisure activities that will bring you the most enjoyment. The Leisure Time Tool® will show you a list of Potential Leisure Activities for You (a PLAY List) to fit your requirements.